Putting a Roof over your comics

Why I Failed When Trying To Collect Comic Books

There are many people out there who collect comic books as a hobby. I tried to do this when I was younger, but I failed miserably. Here are a couple of factors that contributed to my negative experience.

The main problem was the fact that I read my comic books too many times. There is no way that you can keep them in mint condition when you are constantly reading them and creasing the pages. Essentially, the comics that you enjoy reading are probably not the ones you should collect, unless you buy two copies – one for each purpose.

You must keep your comic books in some type of plastic in order to preserve them. Pages start to get weak as time goes by, and you do not want them to start cracking. This will also prevent them from being exposed to any humidity in the air. If you want to give them more protection, you should add a few layers of plastic wrap, then place them in a protective sleeve. This may seem like a great deal to do, but your comics will stay in excellent shape if you give it the best protection.

When I had my comics, I had them all over the place. There was no covering, organization or anything of the sort. I am not sure how in the world I believed I could be the owner of a splendid collection if I didn’t even try to take perfect care of them.

If your goal is to collect comic books, you should try your best to avoid making any of the mistakes I did. You should try your best to keep them in great shape since no one will want to purchase them from you later if they are all beat up and show signs of being exposed to the elements.