Are You A Comic Book Collector Like I Am?

Comic book collecting was a huge business when I was a kid. It was like baseball card collecting, but of course I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. When some kids purchased comic books, they would read them and toss them all over the place. Not me, as when I purchased them, I bought the protector sleeves and everything. I knew about these because they were right there for sale by the comic books. Plus, I had already kept my baseball cards in binders and had been to comic book stores where they had their comic books in sleeves, too.

Many of the comic books I purchased over two decades ago are still in their original sleeves, and I honestly haven’t read many of them either. I’ve thumbed through them, have read some of them and mostly just enjoyed the idea of collecting them. I appreciated them as art, and I liked to get my hands on first editions that might be a big hit later on. I would pick obscure titles at times, thinking they might be the next big thing.

The times have definitely changed, haven’t they? Comic books have changed, too, but one thing for sure is you’d think that they are going to be sticking around like print books are, even in this digital age. When I was younger, I liked comic books so much that I created my own. The art on them was horrendous because I can’t draw, but I really enjoyed doing comic books. I remember that I called them ‘Lucky Comics.’

I made them out of construction paper, and then I bound them and put a price on them. The idea was that I was going to charge my parents for them. It’s funny what kids do, but that’s the influence of comic books. Maybe you want to create your own, or maybe you just enjoy being a collector of comic books.