3 Reasons To Collect Comic Books

If you are one of those people who don’t have a hobby, you may want to consider collecting comic books. There are many great benefits to giving it a shot, so you should certainly give it some thought.

Have you ever imagined leaving a legacy for generations to come? If so, comic books can be your answer. They are timeless considering that some of the most beloved comics are very old. It will only cost you a few dollars at a time, yet they may end up being treasured for many years. This is the perfect idea for those who don’t have a great deal of money to pass along.

Hobbies can give people something to do once they have reached retirement age. It is hard to go from working daily to being restless for most of the day. Collecting comic books offers retirees something to look forward to. From finding great comics online to cataloging them and placing them in storage, the process is quite time-consuming. Continue reading 3 Reasons To Collect Comic Books

Putting a Roof over your comics

Why I Failed When Trying To Collect Comic Books

There are many people out there who collect comic books as a hobby. I tried to do this when I was younger, but I failed miserably. Here are a couple of factors that contributed to my negative experience.

The main problem was the fact that I read my comic books too many times. There is no way that you can keep them in mint condition when you are constantly reading them and creasing the pages. Essentially, the comics that you enjoy reading are probably not the ones you should collect, unless you buy two copies – one for each purpose.

You must keep your comic books in some type of plastic in order to preserve them. Pages start to get weak as time goes by, and you do not want them to start cracking. This will also prevent them from being exposed to any humidity in the air. If you want to give them more protection, you should add a few layers of plastic wrap, then place them in a protective sleeve. This may seem like a great deal to do, but your comics will stay in excellent shape if you give it the best protection.

When I had my comics, I had them all over the place. There was no covering, organization or anything of the sort. I am not sure how in the world I believed I could be the owner of a splendid collection if I didn’t even try to take perfect care of them.

If your goal is to collect comic books, you should try your best to avoid making any of the mistakes I did. You should try your best to keep them in great shape since no one will want to purchase them from you later if they are all beat up and show signs of being exposed to the elements.

Collecting Comic Books Is A Hobby Of Many People

If you know much about collecting comic books, then you know condition is everything. I was just writing a piece about comic book collecting and referred to how some kids when I was growing up didn’t treat comic books so well. That is one thing you’ll learn about comic book collecting if you want your comic books to hold value. Of course, not all of them are going to be that valuable, yet they are valuable in a different way to you as a collector of comics.

There is much more to comic book collecting than just getting the comic books themselves. You can go to comic book conventions, enjoy the movies and television shows about some of them and much more. In the 90’s it was common for Stan Lee to be at comic book stores signing autographs. You can go to special events like that, too. It is also interesting to look up what comic books are worth the most money and which ones of them are for sale online. Continue reading Collecting Comic Books Is A Hobby Of Many People

Are You A Comic Book Collector Like I Am?

Comic book collecting was a huge business when I was a kid. It was like baseball card collecting, but of course I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. When some kids purchased comic books, they would read them and toss them all over the place. Not me, as when I purchased them, I bought the protector sleeves and everything. I knew about these because they were right there for sale by the comic books. Plus, I had already kept my baseball cards in binders and had been to comic book stores where they had their comic books in sleeves, too.

Many of the comic books I purchased over two decades ago are still in their original sleeves, and I honestly haven’t read many of them either. I’ve thumbed through them, have read some of them and mostly just enjoyed the idea of collecting them. I appreciated them as art, and I liked to get my hands on first editions that might be a big hit later on. I would pick obscure titles at times, thinking they might be the next big thing. Continue reading Are You A Comic Book Collector Like I Am?

Comic Book Collecting Is A Pastime Of Mine

Comic book collecting is taken very seriously by some people, and in fact, I used to collect comic books. I still have them, as I kept them all these years. The trouble is I was growing up in the 90’s, so everything collectible from the 90’s was way over-produced. In other words, comic books from that era aren’t worth quite as much, typically anyway. I do have some great collector’s comics though because what I would do is buy first edition and special edition comic books for the most part.

One of my favorite comic books is the special edition Daredevil comic book that I have. One comic book that I purchased and liked to read was Archie comics. I would buy various Archie comics, and they didn’t have to be a special or first edition. One of the first edition comics I have is Biker Mice. I also have a first edition Ghost Rider Annual. Do you own any comic books, and are you still collecting them?

It wasn’t too long ago that I found myself looking at the comics and buying another one. I wouldn’t be opposed to doing it now, but I have other things I collect, too. A man only has so much money. I guess I left comic book buying to the wayside, but I do still collect them because I never got rid of a one. I even purchased a few from the comic book collector stores. Most of them, however, I purchased brand new at a store.

Comic books may go back up in value one day. You have to take into account the fact that we are considered to be in a down economy right now. That’s not good for the collectibles market. Plus, just give it a few years with all this digital stuff going around, and comic books will be even more valued once again.

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Hey there – my name is Brian and I’m an avid comic book collector. In this blog I wanted to write about my passion and how comic book collecting has become such a phenomenon. Hopefully it will help other people understand why it’s so enjoyable to get involved with, and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two! Thanks again, and enjoy.